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We can consult You how to use the account system 1C Enterprise, We have more than 5 years experience. Wide range of tasks were solved. You can order development of the database.

Some our products (screenshots):

1C utility "Relation scheme of 1C metadata" view scheme in Ms SQL Server and Rational Rose download
1C utility "Cloud 1C"
1C utility "Registry correction master"
1C tune "E-Queue"
1C utility "Deleter" step by step erasing of marked for deletion objects from the 1C database
1C tune "User support"
1C report "Inventory turnover"
1C utility "1C8 log analyzer"

1C Enterprise community

       Easy create animated userpic (avatar) for LJ or forum. Apply animated gif or flying flag to your photo. There is the video tutorial.

How to make animated avatar or background in the Twitter? Easy!
How to capture animated gif from webcam? Try this!
Animated gif gallery android app TwiGif

       Fully configured sport meal e-shop based on Drupal ready to serve your business. You can order development of the site based on Drupal CMS.

CurveSim - math curve simulator. Written on ActionScript 3. You need Flash 9.

Our Java midlets

Perinatalis : mobile java application for pregnant WatsonWatch : analog watch

Browser based remote access system.

       Lottery in the internet!

       The account of transactions in the share market (broker VTB). Reports: Average price, Transactions, Totals. Besides: Import daily VTB reports, easy access to the main table. Download

       Old web service for investors. It daily collects various data (currency, mutual funds) into MySQL database. And represents data in table or graph view.

       Funny game : towers building.

       Legacy site. Java-applets, frames, CGI. Many digital photos, 3D art.

Other internet services and materials provided by our company.
Joking service : get your secret agent name . Some video from russian village. Multi site statistic for LiveInternet counters, find domains-mistypes, russian translation of "DNA seen through the eyes of a coder", javascript password scrambler (OnePassword like for Opera, IE, FireFox and etc.), PHOTO DAIRY.

Египет, Луксор

Храм Христа Спасителя
Иосифо-волоцкий монастырь
Котяра чем-то не доволен.
Саратов, шахматисты
Красивый магазин в центре Москвы. Чай, кофе, шоколад.
Красочный верблюд.
Прага, начало января.
Обитатели пражского зоопарка
Во двориках Москвы, недалеко от центра можно встретить такое.
Кто знает где находится этот abandon?

Петушок в аквариуме.
Осенний гриб
Крошка енот.
Московский зоопарк.
Обитатель пражского зоопарка
Оформление столов
Карловы вары

Новый год в Праге
Улочка Египта.
Старые автомобили, чисто, солнечно.
Во двориках Москвы, недалеко от центра можно встретить такое.
Что за модель?
Египетские дети
Прага, одна из центральных улиц
Во двориках Москвы, недалеко от центра можно встретить такое.
Кто знает где находится этот abandon?

Речное пароходство.

Старинные часы в центре Праги.

По ночам здесь загорают зонтики
Прага. Центральная часть города.

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